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Tradition: Sunni
Capacity: 2,000
Domes: 2
Minaret: 1
Established year: 1998
Location: Culver City, CA, USA
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King Fahad Mosque is a marble facade, hand-made tiles from Turkey, and a 72-foot high (22 m) minaret topped with a gold leaf crescent. The complex on about 77,500 square feet (7,200 m2) of land also contains a lecture and meeting hall, classrooms, research centers, a bookshop, a children’s playground, and a car park.

The Mosque was financed by Saudi Arabia, specifically by Fahd of Saudi Arabia, after whom it is named, and by one of his sons, Prince Abdulaziz.

King Fahad Mosque is open daily for all 5 prayers. It is owned and managed by The Islamic Foundation of Shaikh Ibn Taymiyyah.

The Islamic Foundation of Shaikh Ibn Taymiyyah preceded the mosque. It supervised its planning, design, etc., and now owns and operates the mosque (as well as that of two other Southern California mosques — Masjid al Salam in central Los Angeles, and Islamic Center of Riverside, California — and supervises “Zamzam Schools” for “girls’ education and the memorization of the Qur’an”). The foundation was established in 1980 (1400 AH). It began as the “Muslim Student House” in the western Los Angeles area. As the Muslim population and Saudi funding grew, a house was purchased in the same area for prayers, lectures and Dawa activities. The foundation is now located at 11004 Washington Boulevard, across Huron Ave from the Mosque, in what Google Maps shows as an unmarked white two-story building.

Named after the 14th century Islamic jurist, Ibn Taymiyyah, the foundation is an Islamic charity organization under US law, and as such is exempt from taxes, entitled to own property and practice religious, educational, informational and intellectual activities throughout the US. As of 2017 it reported revenues of $320,000 and five employees.

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Address: King Fahad Mosque – Los Angeles
10980 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232, United States

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